Nikoonz Agarwal

Director Operations

As a seasoned management professional, his strategic insights and profound industry knowledge have been instrumental in the remarkable accomplishments of the business. He embraces innovation, introducing modern methodologies and technologies that enhance efficiency and elevate the business's standing in the competitive market. Nikoonz places a strong emphasis on a client-centric approach. By understanding the unique needs of clients, he ensures that the business delivers tailor-made solutions, fostering long-term relationships and client satisfaction. As a leader, Nikoonz values collaboration within the team. His leadership style encourages creativity, teamwork, and a shared commitment to achieving business goals. Under his guidance, the team thrives in a dynamic and innovative work environment. Current Role at ASET In his role as a business partner at ASET, Nikoonz Agarwal brings his wealth of experience and dynamic leadership to the table. His strategic contributions extend beyond construction and consulting

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